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All of us love wearing earrings. But do you know they are harming our earlobes.The earlobe skin is very soft & sensitive.

Therefore, due to the weight of the earring the earlobes stretches & with time this stretch converts into a nasty cut which forces you to stop wearing earrings. EarLite helps protect healthy ear lobes from tearing and allows women to wear earrings in comfort for longer periods of time.

EarLite also assists in alleviating skin sensitivity to earring backings and assists in keeping earrings flat and snug against the front of the ear lobe.

EarLite Invisible Earring Ear Support Waterproof Patches in ZipLock Pouch – Made in USA

Provide relief to your Damaged, Torn, stretched or healthy earlobes

  • WATERPROOF and UNDETECTABLE clear patches.
  • Allow women to wear heavy earrings comfortably for longer period of time.
  • Help protect healthy ear lobes against tearing from the weight of earrings.
  • Provides relief from damaged, torn and stretched ear lobes.
  • Is safe and effective alternative to expensive, painful plastic surgery.
  • Helps alleviate skin sensitivity to many earring backings.
  • Patches effective with all types of earring – studs, hoops, danglers etc.
  • Easy to apply and remove.

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Amazon Seller Reviews

These patches are amazing, my ear is completely split and I can’t afford cosmetic surgery, now I can wear an earring again and they last for days! even showering!08/30/2019

Bought them for my mom, she loves them!10/01/2019


My Wife is extremely satisfied with the Product called Earlites19/09/2019

I’ve got a slip ear from wearing earings all my life and these do the trick20/09/2019


Very pleased. Item is hard to find in Canada, and ridiculously expensive at Clairs.2018-10-04

Great product & prompt delivery2019-09-29


Prompt service. Good packaging and great quality of product.11-07-2019

have used this earlier and it really helped me, this is my second order of this product27-03-2019


Super contente de ces patches qui collent très bien et tiennent même quand je me lave la tête, je peux enfin remettre mes boucles d’oreilles que j’avais laissées de côté. Je recommande parfaitement ce produit.01/14/2019


Alles bestens. Vielen Dank. Gerne wieder.07/05/2019

Eindelijk kan ik terug mooie oorbellen dragen. Doet dat het belooft.02/23/2019


Sono molto soddisfatta, il prodotto è eccellente questi patch invisibili posizionati sul reyro del lobo permettono di mettere qualsiasi orecchino anche pendenti senza che si veda nulla. Finalmente posso indossare gli orecchini senza rischiare di perderli e senza che si veda l’antiestetico foro allargato. Non danno assolutamente nessun fastidio e sono praticamente invisibili!02/01/2019


Buen producto,se adhiere bien y te puedes poner pendientes aunque tengas los agujeros de las orejas muy dilatados.09/11/2019

Ya le he comprado en mas ocasiones. Todo perfecto como siempre07/13/2019


EARLITE U.S.A transparent patches are silicon based & absolutely safe, These high strength patches have self sticking Medical Adhesive on one side.



Made of Medical Silicon

HOW TO USE – Make sure the back of the ear lobe is clean & dry – 2 ways to apply. If earring hole is actually a slit, earring post should be inserted through the upper most of the slit.



Apply a Earlite patch to the back of ear lobe by centering the patch over to hole.Press firmly to secure.


Insert an earring through the hole and with thump covering patch, gently pierce Earlite patch.Affix earring backing.



If you cannot insert your earring with the patch on, then insert earring first and then EarLite patch as the earing post comes through


Affix earing backing.


    EarLite 60 Patches

     44 ratings

    4.99 USD

    EarLite 120 Patches

    85 ratings

    7.49 USD

    EarLite 180 Patches

    32 ratings

    8.49 USD

    EarLite 240 Patches

    53 ratings

    9.99 USD

      Amazon product review – Actual verified clients

    Problem solved for anymore with torn earlobes!
    These are an inexpensive fix for anyone who has pierced ears that are torn or stretched from heavy earrings. I was unable to wear many of my smaller earrings before because the hole was too big and the earring couldn’t stay in place. These are just a small patch with adhesive on the back that you place on the back of your ears, the post goes through the patch and it holds the earring in place. They can actually stay in place for a few days before removing.
    Work Amazingly
    Got these for my wife. She hasn’t stopped talking about them. Her earrings were routinely pulled from her ears via our children and since having these she is able to wear any earrings. Also- you can’t tell they are there.
    I use these every day to protect my slightly torn earlobes, since I cannot bring myself to stop wearing long earrings 🙂 They are sturdy and I’m so thankful for this invention!

    I was not expecting to see the great results with these as I did
    I was not expecting to see the great results with these as I did! I have an old hole in one ear ( nearly fifty years old now) and while playing with my puppy he pulled on the lobe resulting in a tear. I have been letting it heal, and have been wearing studs rather than my usual shepherd hook dangles- I had to wear the dangles, and used these little doodads….. WOW! No sagging at all! No periodic stitches of pain in the ear lobe! Wooooowhooooo! These are a must have! In fact, I believe that ANYONE of ANY AGE should use these with their heavier earrings- give those piercings the support from the get go and maybe prevent tears from happening!
    Cary A
    I have very soft skin which teras easily and product of my younger years with big earrings. Anyway, I had other ear discs before that I’ve been using and they worked just fine. But I bought these and didn’t imagine any could be better. These hold even stronger! Love and highly recommend!!!!

    Amazing Product
    These were a life changer for me. I’ve never been able to wear heavy earrings because my holes are so low. I bought these, and once you get the hang of placement, they work great. I’m so excited to be able to wear earrings again!


    Melissa M.
    Couldn’t be happier!
    So happy I found these. My whole adult life I’ve had to be careful with earrings due to a ripped earlobe. Wish I would have known that these existed years ago! Now I can wear any earrings that I want without the fear of them being too heavy. This stickers are so easy to apply and remove. They provide amazing support! Will definitely purchase again.



    Teresa S.
    I Love These!
    This is the 2nd time I ordered these. I can wear earrings now that I haven’t worn in years. Can’t see the patch as it is placed behind the lobe. I love these!
    Carol K.